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About Us

 Food is Life is a home based, family operation. It was started up in Chicago in the home of Chef Brian Davis, Chef Brian is a Le Cordon Bleu  graduate with an Associates degree in Culinary Arts. Food is life is ran by Chef Brian, and his wife Stephanie Davis. Stephanie has a background in technology and customer service, while Chef Brian is the spice master blending and creating different spice blends and food experiences, Mrs. Davis handles all of the necessary behind the scene business operations from ordering more spices to speaking directly with consumers. This is a company with deep family values, a love of food ,flavor and gathering around the table with family and friends with a delicious plate of food. This company started off as a idea but is slowly making its way into the homes of many and is destined to be a food empire. Chef Brian tested and tried his spice collection endlessly to perfect the spices to ensure that whenever you purchase one of our spices you will get the same flavoring with your meals every time. Supporting Food is Life is supporting an amazing couple  who never gave up on their passion for food and providing a legacy to leave behind for their 3 sons. Everyone who has been fortunate enough to eat one of the Chef's culinary creations leave satisfied and hungry for more. #supportblackownedsmallbusiness

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